Engineers of custom cloud-based software.

Cloud-based digital tools and systems are becoming more important to stay ahead of the competition.

They're great at automating repetitive and slow processes. They're perfect for helping employees remain productive whilst working from home. They're incredibly useful for organising all of your company's data and information into one single, simple, easy-to-use system.

Whatever your idea or problem, we can help craft a roadmap and development plan and give it a spark of life.

Why choose us?

The secret to great software, like anything, is in the people that build it. sparkapps is run by me, David Thorpe, a software engineer of over 12 years.

To build what I've built for my clients, I have leveraged an extensive network of designers, developers and marketers. sparkapps is now a collective of creatives and engineers, all of whom are relative experts in their field. This means you get the best and brightest minds on your work when you need it.

Consulted and engineered on projects for:

We all like to put our most recognisable clients up at the front. I do however work regularly with smaller businesses such as Basildon Timber, Hambro Roofing, Swan Creative.

I've helped those businesses and many more build out cloud systems, enabling them to cut costs and automate large parts of their business processes.

Experience you need.

Don't make costly mistakes. I have over 12 years experience designing, developing and marketing digital products, apps and systems across multiple market sectors. The lessons I've learnt (the hard way) help my clients avoid expensive design and development decisions.

At whatever stage of your project, I can guide you through with pragmatic, simple advice; backed up with real-life examples.

Contact me.

I'm really friendly, you can ask me questions with no commitment and I'm not pushy. I'm interested in hearing your idea or problems within your business that you want to leverage technology to automate.

Call me on: 01284 598012.

Email me at:

Connect on LinkedIn: David Thorpe